General HealthcareGeneral Healthcare

General Healthcare is defined as the combination of all services and techniques aimed at taking care of human health.

Sexual HealthSexual Health

Sexual health is the physical, psychological, and social well-being of sexual partners, as well as their reproductive health.

Family MedicineFamily Medicine

Family Medicine is the main type of primary health care provided by community-based health care systems.

Your Sexual Health Doctor

When it comes to your sexual health and sex-related issues, as well as family medicine and reproductive health, do you fail to access the quality medical services that you need under the existing system?

Here are major concerns of patients dealing with the current medical system:

  • Talking with a doctor about sexual health can be difficult and disappointed.
  • Office visits are often limited to “one issue at a time”.
  • It’s often hard to reach your doctor when you actually need it.
  • No one is coordinating your healthcare needs.
  • The medical system is focused on treating illnesses, not on improving sexual health.

I am Dr. Jerry Kouvan and this is where I can help!

Who is Dr. Jerry Kouvan?

I’m Dr. Jerry Kouvan – an expert in family medicine, reproductive health, natural approach to sexual health, and overall well-being.

Life is getting complicated. It shouldn’t be a challenge to take care of your sexual health. If you don’t feel confident with the current medical system and old-fashioned doctors,  I will give you a better way – online!

Dr. Jerry K

I do not focus completely on sexual health. In my projects, I deal with all aspects of health and medicine: from fitness and sports products to acne treatment and skincare, from digestive system disorders to hair care, from respiratory diseases to mental health and pain management.

Every day I spend at least 5 hours searching the internet, reading, looking for information or reporting on interesting developments in healthcare.

Dr. Jerry K

I spend much of my time interviewing, talking to health can medical experts, writing articles, giving lectures and radio interviews, training other people, etc.

I believe that the healthcare industry can be optimized by combining ancient techniques and modern technologies. I want to provide clients the best possible approach. This is based on a philosophy of natural science and holistic therapeutic theories that all benefit the body, mind, and spirit, irrespective of gender, age, social status or nationality.

More About Dr. Jerry K

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