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Read the biography of Dr. Jerry Kouvan: an expert in family medicine and sexual health. This page provides the most important facts from Dr. Jerry K’s life, including his current projects, goals, hobbies, and interests.

Short Summary

Born 1961-10-23, Atlantic City, New Jersey
Current Position CEO at
Primary Location670 East St. Albany, NY, USA
Family Wife, 2 children (both boys) and a family dog.
Hobbies and Interests All aspects of medicine, reading old-fashioned books, walking with his dog, hiking, traveling.
Dr. Jerry Kouvan

Dr. Jerry Kouvan Biography

Dr. Jerry Kouvan was born in Atlantic City, New Jersey and is a graduate of Stockton University Atlantic City. Dr. Jerry Kouvan is not a medical doctor but holds a degree of Doctor of Psychology. He obtained his Ph.D. at Albany State University.

Dr. Jerry Kouvan has thirty years of experience in family medicine, with a special interest in sexual health, sex life, and sexual enhancement products.

Current Projects

Dr. Jerry Kouvan is the founder and CEO of – a leading informational website with health, beauty, and fitness product reviews. He is also a top contributor in Adult Health Care Center. Dr. Jerry Kouvan has been an author and top contributor in several health, wellness and fitness blogs and a number of diet and sexual health books in the last 15 years.

Dr. Jerry Kouvan spent more than 15 years focusing on issues such as sexual education and reproductive health where most specialists wouldn’t want to take part. Currently, he owns the medical company and leads a team of more than 30 experts.

Goals and Mission

Dr. Jerry Kouvan’s main goal is clear and straightforward, and this is to deliver comfortable awareness of different health problems while keeping the information easily accessible. He wants all of his guests to take care of their health problems and improve their health conditions.

Top Quote

Health care should be something greater than taking medications when you are sick. Diet, physical activity, mental wellbeing, and self-care are all important to feel better. I am working with every patient to develop a solution that will help you improve your health.

Dr. Jerry Kouvan

Contact Information

If you would like to reach Dr. Jerry Kouvan, please kindly check our contact page. Please understand that he reviews all messages but does not have enough time to respond to every request and he can’t provide individual health guidance via email.